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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Advanced Protection System?

A: It is a small discreet white box measuring (285mm x 250mm x 60mm) fixed to an internal wall in your home, which contains up-to-date intruder detection and home monitoring technology.


Q: How does it work?

A: It is like an invisible bubble all around your home. The moment an intruder tries to break in, the invisible barrier is broken and the system reacts immediately, sounding a short and very loud warning.


Q: How does it do this?

A: It does this by measuring Low Frequency Shock Waves - 'Infrasonic sounds' (inaudible to the human ear), associated with a forced entry through a doors, windows etc.

Having detected the break-in, the unit has a built-in communication system, which automatically dials the Monitoring Centre through a standard telephone line.

The Monitoring Centre is alerted. Details of your name and address come up on a screen and your Personal Incident Manager (‘PIM’) now has a two-way line of communication into your property through the unit, which contains a powerful speaker and microphone system.

Your PIM can now listen to any activities taking place in your property and can also "challenge" an intruder through the speaker system.


Q: What is Audio Verification?

A: It is verifying intruder activity in your property, by listening to the sounds and speech coming from the property. This can be picked up by your PIM at the Monitoring Centre through a powerful microphone built into the unit. Audio Verification can only take place if the unit is activated in the following way:

An intruder is detected,

You have requested help by using your Assistance Request Button (ARB)

The Optical Smoke Detector is activated.


Q: Can the Monitoring Centre listen in to my property at any time?

A: No. They can only do this when the system has been activated from your property, either by an intruder, the smoke detector or by you pressing the ARB.


Q: What happens if there is an intruder?

A: Your PIM can hear what is happening in your property and will make a decision to either "challenge" the intruder(s) or keep quiet and immediately inform your local Police Centre that he has a "verified" intrusion. From the time the Monitoring Centre is alerted, all sounds are digitally recorded.


Q: What happens if I set off the alarm accidentally?

A: Your PIM will hear what is happening in your property (i.e. normal movement), and will ask for your password. If you respond with your normal password, he will thank you and terminate the call.


Q: Why do I need a password?

A: A password will identify you to the Monitoring Centre and satisfy them that it is you and not an intruder. When your system is installed, the installer will ask you to nominate two passwords - one will be an "all is OK" word, and the other will be a "distress" word. When the Monitoring Centre comes on line if you have used your ARB they will ask you to identify yourself and if you use your “duress” password they will know you require assistance. If you do not they will ask you for your “all is OK” password and what assistance you require.


Q: What do I do if I have an unwanted caller?

A: In the event of a stranger calling unexpectedly, particularly if you are on your own, you can press your ARB and the Monitoring Centre will come on line within approximately 20 seconds. Your PIM will ask you for your password and will listen while you open your door (remembering, of course, to keep your door chain on!). In the event that a problem is heard, a verbal challenge will be issued to your caller and if necessary the police will be called.


Q: When can I use my Assistance Request Button?

A: Whenever you are anxious and need a friendly voice to talk to. This could be if you are feeling unwell or have hurt yourself and cannot summon help, have an unwanted caller, are being attacked, etc. This is particularly useful if you are on your own. By pressing the ARB, your PIM will come on-line and ask you for your password. You will then be asked if you need assistance. If your PIM hears that there is a problem, the appropriate Emergency Service will be called.


Q: Is the system easy to use?

A: Yes. A simple keyswitch is used to arm and disarm the unit so that everyone from children to the elderly can easily set the system. The key is a security key with over 1 million combinations. Four keys are supplied with each system.


Q: How can the Monitoring Centre hear what is going on in my home?

A: The microphone built into the unit is powerful and enables the Monitoring Centre to hear everything that is going on in your property. It is advisable to leave your internal doors open when you leave the property in order that our ability to hear activity is not impaired.


Q: Will my pets (cats, dogs, etc) set off the alarm?

A: No. The unit only detects Low Frequency Shockwaves (known as infrasonics') associated with break-ins, not the movement of pets moving around the house.


Q: Will the installation be disruptive?

A: Our unit is virtually wire less and designed to be easily installed without the normal disruptions and mess that can be associated with other alarm installations all that is required is a telephone point & 13 amp socket with power supply.


Q: What happens if there is a false alarm?

A: Your PIM will listen in to your property and, if there is no sound, will "shut-down" the unit. He will then immediately phone the key-holders you have nominated (which could be you, if you work locally) and request them to pay a visit.


Q: What happens if the system activates while I am at work or on holiday?

A: When your system is installed, you will be asked to nominate up to 5 keyholders who live close to your home. This could also include you if you work nearby. The Monitoring Centre will contact a keyholder and tell him/her that the system has activated but that they can hear no activity. The keyholder will be requested to have a look at the outside of the house for any activity. The system will automatically re-set itself so that your house continues to be protected.


Q: Does an Engineer have to re-set the system each time it activates?

A: No.


Q: Why is the Advanced Protection System better than a standard alarm?

A: Burglar alarms are often prone to giving false alarms, resulting in annoyance to neighbours and little action being taken by the public. Over 92% of all alarm activations are false alarms.

Your system with its Audio Verification capability filters out "false alarms" and the Police are only informed if the Monitoring Centre has verified that the situation requires Police attendance.

Your system can also help in many other emergency situations such as medical, fire, personal attack, unwanted callers, etc. The Monitoring Centre is available 24 hours a day, 365 (or 366) days a year at the "touch of a button", your own personal electronic security guard.

Your system will detect an intruder at the perimeter of your property before he gains entry to your home. This is unlike most other burglar alarms, which rely upon movement detectors that detect a person only once they are inside your home.


Q: Will I need a separate telephone line?

A: This may prove necessary if you already have more than three devices plugged into your existing telephone line (e.g. additional ‘phones, fax machine, computer modem or digital TV).


Q: What happens if I have an electricity power cut?

A: Do not worry. You have a standby battery in the unit that will last for 24 hours and is recharged when the power is switched back on.


Q: Can I have more than one Assistance Request Button?

A: Yes. You may have as many as you wish. Just let us know how many when you order. An ARB can be carried with you at all times like a key fob, or you may choose to keep them in permanent positions around the house.


Q: Will I have to pay for an annual service visit?

A: Yes. Unless you take out our annual call out contract, a site visit is chargeable. Along with any materials that are used.


Q: What happens if my system breaks down for any reason?

A: Provided it has not been tampered with, we will replace it free of charge within the first 12 months.


Q: What is an optical smoke detector?

A: It is a detector that detects the smoke particles in a real fire. When activated, it sends a "Fire" signal to the Monitoring Centre who will call the Fire Brigade and broadcast an "evacuate the building" announcement to your premises.It protects your property whether occupied or empty.


Q: Is the system suitable for most types of house?

A: Yes. The standard system is ideally suitable for houses with up to 5 bedrooms (1500 – 2000 sq feet) but can also be enhanced to cover larger properties.


Q: Is the system appropriate for flats?

A: Yes, this system will suit most flats unless unconventional build for this we offer a system that has been specifically designed for installation into flats/apartment blocks.


Q: I am moving home.  Can I take the system with me to my new home?

A: Yes. Unlike conventional alarms, this system is fully transportable due to the simplicity of its installation. A telephone call to Advanced Protection Systems or the installation company is all that is required. An engineer will remove the system and reinstall it into your new home, making any adjustments necessary to the sensitivity in relation to the dimensions of your new home.


Q: I am going away on holiday.  Do I need to do anything regarding the system?

A: Yes. Obviously your key holders will need to know that you will be away. To notify the Monitoring Centre, simply press your Assistance Request Button and, after identifying yourself to the PIM, simply advise the period that you will be away. This will be recorded on the information base and will be vital should there be an activation during your absence.


Q: My mother is epileptic and suffers from regular fits. I am concerned that if one occurs and she is alone in the house she might inflict some personal injury such as hitting her head or falling downstairs.

A: The Advanced Protection System is provided with an Assistance Request Button, and additional ones are available. Any client who feels unwell, has a fall or similar, can contact the Monitoring Centre by pressing this button. The method will contact the Monitoring Centre even if the alarm is switched off. The PIM will ascertain the situation and contact either one of the key holders or your doctor (if this information has been provided), and will remain “on line” until assistance has arrived.


Q: What if I am on the telephone? Will the system still work?

A: If the system is set to the “Partial” position it will emit a warning siren but will not dial out to the Monitoring Centre. If the system is in the “Armed” position it will override the line and dial out as normal, provided that it was installed into your direct incoming socket or that you have a three-way calling facility that can be supplied by your telecommunications provider. The cost of this service is additional to your normal telephone costs (approx £5 per quarter).


Q: Does it work with broadband?

A: Yes. As long as you have a good quality micro filter connected to your telephone line.