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Product Overview

The Advanced Protection Systems conflict management two way audio alarm system has several unique functions. The system is an integrated panic, intruder and fire alarm. It directly links a dedicated monitoring centre operator with the premises. Because of this false alarms are much less likely than with a standard alarm. In the event of the intruder alarm being activated the operator will listen and then ask for identification. The Monitoring centre automatically records all voice communications within a secure area and is registered with the Data Protection Registrar under the Data Protection Act 1984.


The system incorporates a remote and/or fixed assistance request button which provides the functions listed below and utilizes our latest two way digital voice communication technology. The system allows direct communication with one of our fully trained operatives at our Monitoring Centre. The Centre is manned and operational twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year ensuring an immediate response to any emergency situation. Its primary function is the receipt, processing, recording and controlling of alarm signals and the passing of alarm signals to the relevant emergency services as and when required.


APS Unit

The APS unit is a combined, pulsed infrasonic alarm and audio verifiable digital communicator. It also includes a radio Assistance Request Button (ARB), which operates on 433MHz. The APS unit is an extremely hi-tech piece of equipment. The details of how it operates are very complex and would require in-depth explanation. Here, however, is a brief description of how the unit functions, using plain, easy to understand terms.


Imagine a building with all its doors and windows closed. It is, effectively, a sealed box filled with air. If, for example, someone forces in the front door of this building, there will be a sudden movement of the air inside the building caused by the opening door. The harder the door is forced, the faster the air moves. When this movement of air occurs, it generates infrasonic sound - sounds below the range of sounds that humans can hear. The APS unit, however, can hear these sounds (in the reverse sense, a dog can hear a dog whistle but humans cannot, because a dog whistle creates sounds above those that humans can hear). So, when any door or window in a building is opened, either in or out, the movement in air creates infrasonic sound and the APS unit senses this. It has an automatic background compensator which can constantly monitor the ambient conditions and alter its sensitivity to suit (i.e. on a very windy day it may need to be less sensitive to avoid false alarms).


Hardware Package

1. The unit itself with mains adaptor and BT ‘phone lead

2. Keys for the control equipment

3. ARB (Assistance Request Button)

4. Dual telephone adaptor

5. Rechargeable battery 1.2AH 12V


Product Features

1. Pulsed infrasonic detection with adjustable sensitivity

2. ARB in the form of a keyfob pendant (approx. 80ft range)

3. Timed entry and exit with choice of two settings

4. Audible final set signal

5. Internal 110db electronic sounder

6. 3 mm polycarbonate enclosure

7. Auto sounder cut off when audio verification is engaged

8. Auto reset after 2 minutes

9. Auto re-arm after 2 minutes

10. Automatic background compensation

11. Microprocessor controlled

12. 24hr tamper

13. 24hr telephone line monitor

14. Independent strobe output for alarm memory

15. Integral programmable digicom

16. Alarm memory

17. Integral speaker and microphone

18. Independent speaker and mic volume controls

19. Remote station monitored with online audio verification



280mm x 205mm x 65mm

Weight: 1.66 kg (including mains adaptor)


APS Star Communications Unit

The star unit is a combined digital communicator and speaker/microphone (for audio  verification). It can be used as both a security product, to augment an existing alarm system, or it can be used purely as a homecare product without the need for an alarm. It can be fitted to any security control panel and in the event of an alarm activation, it will dial a pre-programmed telephone  number and report. If the unit is used as a standalone care unit (without being connected to an alarm) it will only dial the monitoring station when  the remote radio panic button is pressed.


The unit then allows the person dialled (whether it is a 24 hour monitoring station or a key holder on their private telephone) to listen in at the property where the alarm has occurred. The person can then verify whether the alarm is genuine or false. If necessary, the person can utilise the unit's in-built speaker to challenge any unauthorised occupant.


The unit can be programmed to dial any telephone number, using the AV programming adapter that connects the unit to a standard tone dial telephone. Simply follow the programming instructions.

The star unit has a remote double button panic key fob, much like a car alarm key fob. This can be pressed in cases of personal attack or medical emergency. The monitoring station/ private number will be dialled and the person answering can listen in and talk to whoever has pressed the button to ascertain the problem. Extra panic buttons can be supplied as required.


If required, the star unit can be supplied with a 240v mains adapter for easy installation. Alternatively, power can be routed from the existing alarm control panel (where applicable).


A backup battery is available as an option on this system at extra cost.


The star unit can also be used with special radio smoke detectors that will contact the monitoring station/ private no. In the event of a fire in the property, whether there is someone in the property or not.


Product Features

1. 4 channel audio verifiable  digital communicator

2. Programmable from a standard  tone dial telephone

(Adaptor required)

3. Integrated line grab facility

4. Integrated bell cut off  facility

5. Can be programmed to dial a  private phone/mobile

6. BABT approved

7. Optional external PSU

8. Optional battery backup

9. Radio panic button

10. Optional radio smoke  detectors

11. LED on line indication



255mm x 185mm x 48mm  (Unit)


Smoke Detector

The radio smoke detector is an ancillary product for both the STAR and AV-VACS units. It works in the same way as any other smoke alarm, but due to the fact that it works photoelectrically, it is less susceptible to false alarms than a normal ionisation detector. It has an in built radio transmitter that triggers the dialler unit when the smoke detector siren sounds. The monitoring station can then listen in at the property and if the smoke alarm is sounding the fire service can be called if required. If a person is on site at the premises, confirmation of the alarm can be made. This will reduce the possibility of the fire brigade being called unecessarily.


Hardware Package

Unit Only


Product Features

1. Comes complete with 9V  battery

2. 5 year guarantee

3. Easy mounting bracket with  built in tamper-proof option

4. Loud 85dB siren

5. Low battery indicator (Will  report to monitoring station)



The PIR is designed to detect the movement of an intruder and activate an alarm control panel


Hardware Package

Unit Only


Product Features

Range: 12m

Max Coverage: 12m x 90 Degrees

Lens Construction: 11x2+7+3 (4tear)

Drop Zone: 2 Reflected Drop Zones

Input Voltage: 3VDC Lithium Cell Type 123A

Alarm Indication: LED Lighting for 2-3 seconds

Radio Frequency: 433 Mhz 10 Bit 4 Channel



113mm diameter x 30mm ( 4.4” x 1.2” )


360 PIR

The 360 PIR is designed to detect the movement of an intruder and activate an alarm control panel


Hardware Package

Unit Only


Product Features

Range: 12m

Max Coverage: 12m x 360 Degrees

Lens Construction: 11x2+7+3 (4tear)

Drop Zone: 2 Reflected Drop Zones

Input Voltage: 3VDC Lithium Cell Type 123A

Alarm Indication: LED Lighting for 2-3 seconds

Radio Frequency: 433 Mhz 10 Bit 4 Channel